Women in Tech: Dorito-fuelled but no bra burning

“Good morning, you’re through to Converged – Stacey speaking. How can I help?”

Quite often this is met with a request to speak to one of the tech guys.

This is not meant with any malice or ill nature. The perpetuated stereotype of the service desk tech – as parodied by Channel 4 comedy The IT Crowd – paints a picture of a socially awkward, funny and Dorito-fuelled man who will no doubt check that you have indeed turned your PC on and off again.

Do you exercise?

By Robbie Ross, Chief Security Officer at Converged Listen to this blog Perhaps that question ought to be “why do we exercise?” We exercise to keep ourselves fit and healthy. To help keep our bodies in good condition and ready for whatever life throws at us. The thing about exercising Read more…

Thank you from ARCHIE

In lieu of sending cards to our clients, it’s become a Converged tradition to support local causes at Christmas. Never has this gesture been more apt and so we’re pleased to have donated £500 to both Abernecessities & The ARCHIE Foundation for Christmas 2020. We received this note from ARCHIE and wanted to share it with you all.

Join our ‘What on earth is cyber security?’ webinar, 22 Feb 10am

Have you ever seen a cyber security event advertised and thought to yourself “I’d like to go to that but I don’t know where to start and I probably won’t understand it anyway”, then this is the event for you.

We’ll explain what cyber security is in a simple and easy to understand way, talk about why it is important to you and your business, and the simple steps that you can start to take to make your business more secure.