Today, 99.9% of UK businesses rely on staying connected with customers just to stand still and devices are our best friends. It’s not surprising therefore that IT makes it onto boardroom agenda’s more often than not.

But what is IT? And what exactly does an IT company do? What about ISP’s & MSP’s?

Let’s body swerve Wikipedia and just for a moment, allow us to bring our own definition to this dialogue.

How do you converse with your clients and customers? Email, call, Videocon, messenger, webchat? To communicate you’ll need devices; desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets, handsets or smart phones. You’ll also require software licenses like Office365 to carry your communications. All of these rely on connectivity, fast and reliable connectivity. And don’t forget storage (physical servers or cloud-based services like OneDrive) for all the data that you’re exchanging. And security too. You’ll really want to make sure that you’re as secure as Fort Knox (or as close as possible!).

IT is all of these things. It’s the means by which your company communicates, transfers, stores and safeguards its information.

Confused? There’s no need to be. We aim to simplify IT for small to medium sized businesses and provide access to enterprise level IT services.

We are classed as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), providing a variety of business connections to our clients. We are also a Managed Service Provider (MSP), which means that we can manage all of a client’s IT requirements on their behalf.

Our clients have access to our portfolio of connectivity, telephony, IT support and IT security services or a popular option is our multi-service managed service which ensures that your business stays completely connected for one monthly fixed fee per user. All of our services are designed around you, but the beauty of our managed service is in its simplicity; flexible user additions or removals, fully maintained software and devices, easy budgeting and a solution that surprisingly won’t break the bank.

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