Aberdeen-headquartered IT, cyber security and internet service provider (ISP) Converged Communication Solutions has expanded its offering with the introduction of a new service for city households.

The firm has launched GraniteGiG, which offers residential customers in Aberdeen access to super-fast full fibre broadband from a local provider.  To date, Converged has focused on delivering its services to business customers.  However, with employees at many of these companies now working from home, Converged is looking to meet the demand for faster internet connections in private residences. 

Coupled to the growth of home working, strain is being placed on existing household broadband connections thanks to the rise of streaming services and online gaming, and an increase in the number of internet connected devices in many properties.

Over 39,500 city centre homes can currently connect to GraniteGiG

Converged is using the CityFibre network to deliver its GraniteGiG service.  This uses a connection that is full fibre to the household, meaning it contains no copper element which reduces latency.  Over 39,500 homes in the city centre can currently connect to the internet through GraniteGiG.  Homes in other parts of Aberdeen will be able to access the GraniteGiG products in the coming months.

GraniteGiG offers three packages that suit the differing needs of households.  Each package provides symmetrical upload and download speeds, unlimited data and free distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection that provides connection security against a malicious attack, ensuring a more resilient service.

The Granite 200 package is designed to suit small households with one or two people, delivering broadband speeds of 200Mbps.  Granite 500 provides connection speeds of 500Mbps and is aimed at families simultaneously using streaming and online gaming services, with adults also working from home.  Offering internet speeds of 900Mbps, Granite 900 gives big households, where multiple people are working or studying from home, the ability to transfer very large amounts of data incredibly quickly.

Neil Christie, managing director, Converged Communication Solutions, said: “How we work and live has been transformed in the past 18 plus months and demonstrated how reliant we now are on our household internet connection.  The need for a fast, stable and reliable internet connection is more evident than ever with the rise of home working, studying, TV streaming and online gaming.

Packages designed to suit the online needs of different household sizes

“In launching GraniteGiG for the residential market, Converged is expanding its services to meet these changing consumer requirements.  The three full fibre GraniteGiG packages are designed to suit the online needs of different household sizes, ensuring everyone in the house is kept happy.  A resilient internet connection can allow the householder to be more efficient when working from home where they will often be accessing multiple cloud-based systems and hosting online meetings, this efficiency can in turn benefit their employer.

“At Converged we are excited to be launching GraniteGiG and to be able to offer Aberdeen residents the ability to get online with an Aberdeen-based provider, one that has been supporting city businesses for over 15 years.  GraniteGiG is initially available in Aberdeen city centre, but will be available to the wider city over the coming year or so as other areas begin to access the network.”