Gavin Simpson, Technical Manager, Converged Communication Solutions

Converged Communications Solutions has retained the Solutions Partner for Modern Work Designation in Microsoft’s Cloud Partner Program, despite the tech giant recently raising the bar for the prestigious status. Recognising partners who have demonstrated expertise to help customers boost productivity and shift towards a hybrid working environment using Microsoft 365, the designation was recently made harder to achieve with higher levels of technical skill, experience and successful customer outcomes required by applying businesses. 

Accredited Microsoft Solutions Partner

“To become a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we were given a partner capability score which needed to be at least 70 points out of 100,” explains Converged’s Technical Manager, Gavin Simpson. Led by Gavin, the technical team rose to the challenge, comfortably passing Microsoft’s intermediate and advanced skills exams. “Becoming a Solutions Partner for Modern Work gives customers a way to identify us as being committed to training and accreditation, with a track record in delivering solutions that lead to customer success,” he continues. 

Eligibility is measured in three categories — partner performance, skilling and customer success. The performance category is a measure of an organisation’s ability to increase their customer base using Microsoft products for modern work and productivity. The skilling category measures an organisation’s skills and capabilities by using the number of staff with an eligible certification, while the customer success category measures an organisation’s ability to grow the use of Microsoft products or services used by customers. 

“We’ve been a Microsoft partner since we launched in 2006, but over the previous 12 months we’ve seen an increase in sales of around 45% from new business and client growth combined,” continues Gavin. “Across the suite of Microsoft services and applications, we manage our customers’ accounts to help them boost their performance, productivity and engagement.” 

Empowering clients with Microsoft products and services

Converged helps to empower clients with Microsoft products and services, working alongside businesses to provide the most efficient set up from start-up to established enterprise. From negotiating licensing deals to ensuring all features are up to date, the communications firm offers set-up with all MS office apps for office-based, hybrid and remote settings.  

“I’m delighted to have retained this designation and would like to thank our fantastic team for reaching this point, particularly since one of the major scoring metrics was based on intermediate and advanced certifications of staff,” adds Founder and Technical Director for Converged, Neil Christie. “We were previously a Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Partner, and with the new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program designation we remain committed to providing excellent installation and support services to our customers, empowering their success by staying ahead of the competition.”