Converged Communication Solutions has appointed a new IT delivery manager to further enhance the service, support and advice that it offers to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Mark Johnson has joined the Scottish IT company, which has offices in Aberdeen and Inverness, in this newly created role.  He brings extensive experience to the position, having worked in the IT sector for 35 years.  During this time, he has managed IT operations for office moves, infrastructure refreshes, new system deployments, and company acquisitions and their integration into existing systems and networks.

Explore opportunities for IT change

At Converged, Mark will work with clients, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, to explore opportunities for making IT, Internet connectivity, telephony and cybersecurity changes within their organisation over a defined time period.  With many SME’s having sourced services on an ad-hoc basis, undertaking an integrated analysis of IT as a whole can bring many benefits including business performance improvement, cost savings and supporting growth.

Mark will also oversee the firm’s experienced IT support team, which prepares and maintains servers and networks to ensure maximum uptime and is responsible for assisting clients in resolving technical difficulties that they have encountered 24/7.

Along with two other colleagues, Mark joined Converged in April, just as the country was getting used to working from home during lockdown.  With robust IT systems in place and an HR department that adapted its staff induction process, Converged demonstrated the ease with which new employees can join companies whilst working remotely.

Commenting on his role, Mark said: “Converged has an excellent ability to deliver technical solutions to problems.  However, smaller companies often do not understand where their IT related problem lies in order to seek help.  It’s very often the case that an SME’s IT infrastructure, application and device portfolio grows organically as services are added in response to business needs. This ad-hoc approach inevitably brings about inefficiencies and can leave the company open to risk. I very much look forward to working with these organisations to assist them in understanding the issues and providing options for how they can implement changes and improvements.

Accessible IT audit and delivery service

“My job is to lay out a clear and non-technical vision for IT change over a set period of time, outlining essential and non-essential works and related costs.  This service will give smaller businesses and organisations access to a superior level of expertise at significantly less expense than employing an in-house IT technician. This is an exciting time for Converged as we bring an accessible IT audit and delivery service tailored to SME’s to the market. Our belief is that all businesses should be able to access enterprise level IT services, not just the larger companies.”

Enable staff to work safely and efficiently out with the office

Neil Christie, managing director of Converged, said: “Lockdown created a seismic shift in how people work.  The requirement to work remotely has underlined the need for organisations of all sizes to have robust systems and technology in place to enable staff to work safely and efficiently out with the office.  These are themes that will only strengthen in the future and everyone needs to be prepared for that.

“Mark brings a great deal of knowledge, experience and insight to his role which will be invaluable to clients seeking to improve their IT systems for varying business reasons.  His first-hand experience of joining Converged whilst our team worked remotely is one he will be able to draw upon when advising organisations that are looking to upgrade remote working capabilities.”

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